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About The Multi-Party System

The Grand Saga is a story told from the view of five different adventuring parties. Players will need to be able to accurately keep track of what is character knowledge and what is player knowledge across five different characters. Choices made by each party may impact the circumstances and options of other parties, and it may even be possible for certain groups to interact.

What kind of play style does this campaign have?

The Grand Saga is all about the choices the players make as well as their use of character skills. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on both deductive and inductive reasoning. While there is a moderate level of combat, the campaign is intended for only about 15% of all experience to come from combat, while the remaining 85% is generated by role-play and quest rewards.

When/where will the campaign meet?

Once I have a list of at least three willing players, we will establish a designated meeting time. The campaign will take place using Map Tools.

What are the five types of characters that should be created?

As stated previously, there are five separate parties that should be created, with each player having a character in each party. The first party is a core/official party. This should consist of the core rulebooks and the “Complete” series. The second setting is Oriental Adventures, and classes/races should be selected from official options that fit an oriental campaign. The third is a deep sea campaign, so all players must be of a race that can naturally breathe water. If the player wishes to adapt certain classes to a more aquatic nature, they are free to contact the DM with their ideas. The fourth character should be in line with the Frostburn book. Characters need to be able to survive in the harsh northern mountains in order to succeed in this party. Lastly, the fifth group is a d20 modern group. Mythweavers character sheets can be used if you don’t feel like programming all your stuff into OP.

How should stats be generated?

Stats are generated on a very generous point-buy system. Each player has 30 points to distribute between their six ability scores, which have a base of 10. Additionally, there are no diminishing returns, so points are always traded on a 1-for-1 basis.


When creating characters, please tag the character using a separate tag each for the player and the party. Thus, someone could view all of a single player’s characters or all characters in a specific party.

Please feel free to e-mail me with further questions about the campaign.

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