d20 Modern is the first party we will play. “Modern” is exactly the right word, since your characters are in 2061. In the d20 Future book (and Future Tech) you should be using Progress Level 6 gear. I may or may not allow SOME progress level 7 equipment. You’ll need to ask me and let me know what your plans are.

People in 2061 learn by way of Mental Acceleration Drive system (“MAD System” for short). The MAD System causes your brain to work using six to seven times it’s normal operating capacity during the acquisition of knowledge. This leads to a much faster development rate. Infants normally understand basic language skills before the age of 1 (though they still may not be able to effectively communicate do to lack of development). Most children graduate middle school by the age of 7, High School by the age of 9, finish their introductory college courses (equivalent to a bachelor’s degree) by the age of 13, and obtain their first Ph. D. by the age of 15. Beyond the 1st Ph. D., it takes 4 years to obtain an additional Ph. D. The government requires that every person have at least 2 doctorates before entering the professional work force, and that every citizen continues their education throughout their life.

To represent the two Ph. D.’s that each character must have, you may select two skills each to receive the benefits of Doctorial Skill Focus.

Each character should currently be enrolled in a history class. All characters should be in the same history class.


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