Oriental characters should adhere to Three Kingdom’s Era chinese style and behavior. Traditional japanese styles are also acceptable (such as Samurai and Ninja characters).

While characters in this region have access to black powder and rudimentary black powder weapons, the area is in the middle of an intense civil war, and nearly every able bodied man is being drafted into the military, even as young as 8 years old.

Women have no rights and no property, however many have begun to take up arms to defend their homes from ravaging war parties in the absence of their husbands, fathers, and sons. A large movement has been spreading through the country, where in exchange for food and shelter, various skilled swordsmen will teach women to fight, making it just as easy (and in most cases, much cheaper) for a woman to learn the ways of the sword than a man.

Spellcasting and other supernatural abilities, regardless of the form they take, are not given any special consideration in terms of laws. A man who kills with magic is no different than a man who uses a sword, and a man who does good with magic is no different than a man who does good with a sword.

Divine spellcasters do not worship any external deities, rather they mostly adhere to ancestor worship and derive their spellcasting abilities from their ancestors.


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